Cornerstone Christian Schools

San Antonio, TX


This complete K-12 campus includes an Elementary School, Secondary School, Field House, Football Field and stands, Baseball Field, Softball Field is located on just 37 acres.  The masterplan includes a future standalone High School, Performing Arts Center, and Dormitory.

The buildings reflect the traditional values of the school: ordered, moral, thoughtful, and human scale. The campus reflects the sense of importance and high quality of education provided at this campus.  The appearance of a university campus establishes the expected level of education to be achieved.

The classical Doric proportional systems are used throughout, e.g. proportions and placement of windows, cornice dimensions and moulding systems, balustrade design at the roof, column design, portico details, and interior cornice and trim details.  The three story buildings reference the classical organization of base, shaft, and capital.  Classical architecture fulfills the requirements in being traditional and historical, and references the philosophy of order and regularity.  The courtyard references traditional campuses, and is completely secure.